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Using the latest satellite tracking technology and GPS tracking software, the MCM Security Group can monitor lone worker and vehicle tracking systems. Via the central monitoring and control centre, we can monitor people and vehicles travelling throughout Ireland and Europe through the Secure Track network of our European partners from the Russian Federation in the East, to Ireland in the West, Norway in the North, and Spain in the South of Europe.

The exact location of any person or vehicle can be obtained by the click of a button, such is the highly targeted nature of our GPS tracking and vehicle tracking technology. This can be monitored continuously, or by exception alarm, in emergency situations. At MCM Security Group, we use the leading vehicle tracking systems available on the market today.

Vehicle Tracking Services

The MCM Security Group operates specialised vehicle tracking systems using the latest satellite technology. This vehicle tracking service is ideal for customers who transport high risk goods. Through the central monitoring and control centre, we can monitor your vehicles travelling throughout Ireland and Europe as Irish partners of Secure Track.

Our GPS vehicle tracking service can also include specialist anti-hijack systems including live monitoring of CCTV cameras, depending on the needs of our clients. We have found that for companies transporting high value and /or high risk cargo, this additional add-on to our GPS vehicle tracking service, can give greater peace of mind to our clients.