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The MCM Alarm Receiving Centre and Control Centre can cater to the needs of a diverse range of communication protocols; this will facilitate the monitoring of most modern alarm systems. The Alarm Receiving Centre and Control Centre will immediately detect any signals sent from your monitored alarms system, including Intruder, Fire and Panic signals.

The Operations team on duty will assess the situation, and take any appropriate action or follow your specific pre-agreed instructions in relation to the activation of monitored alarms.

We offer a range of Alarm Monitoring Services:

Burglar Alarm Monitoring Services

The MCM Alarm Receiving Centre and Control Centre will monitor your alarm and in the event that is it activated, we will provide the upmost service to ensure your property is kept secure. A Rapid Response Vehicle and if necessary the Garda Siochana will be alerted to check your property if an alarm is activated.

Fire Alarm Monitoring

The emergency services are alerted within seconds of an alarm signal being received by the Alarm Receiving Centre and Control Centre. Having a fire alarm monitoring system is an assurance for times when your property is unattended to prevent major fire damage and loss.

Security Panic Alarm Monitoring

Panic alarms are used in the circumstances of an intruder entering an occupied property or an occupied vehicle. The activation of the alarm allows the Alarm Receiving Centre and Control Centre to alert emergency services.

MCM Security Group provides services such as alarm monitoring, fire alarm monitoring and other alarm monitoring services nationwide

With a IP/3G/GPRS wireless transmitter fitted, security can be enhanced through being completely independent of any phone or internet network within the home or business.

By simply using the App, you can securely command your alarm system on / off and view history activity history

Communication Options of the Future

Technology is changing and the new ultra-fast broadband telephone lines have many benefits. However, they also have their drawbacks.

Most intruder alarm systems require copper lines to dial up & communicate with the alarm monitoring centre; they simply will not work 100% with VOIP / fibre optic telephone lines.

We have a number of options to allow your alarm to still communicate with us:

I.P. Communicator

This is a small device that connects between your alarm panel and your home router (or modem).

GSM Communicator

This is a small unit with anti-blocking technology  that connects to us via a cellular connection and is completely removed from your home phone or internet network.