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A burglar alarm without alarm monitoring is just noise – a noise that is often ignored… will anyone attend?

Some burglars clearly don’t think so!

Alarm Monitoring

MCM Technology Ltd is our alarm monitoring service that connects your alarm to the secure Alarm Receiving Centre and Control Centre. If your alarm is activated, the alarm will send a signal via the telephone line, IP and or GSM link to the Alarm Receiving Centre and Control Centre. The Operations team will determine the reason for the activation, and take into account the agreed protocols, will take the appropriate course of action. A Key Holder or Rapid Response Vehicle and if necessary, the Garda Siochana will be alerted to your property to do a security check. MCM Security Group has been issued with quality certification by EQA for IS: 228:1997, S.R 25 2005, S.R 45 2014.

MCM Technology monitors alarms throughout Ireland from our high security Alarm Receiving Centre. We have invested heavily in back-up systems for power and telecommunications to ensure continued service in any event.

Alarm Monitoring

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